It’s becoming more common in these days of tech-based businesses for staff and freelancers to spend more of their time away from the office, indeed, many of them make it a point to never be at the office.

Although this level of freedom for the savvy entrepreneur isn’t new, it’s become more attainable with the reduction in cost of technology along with its associated reduction in size.

Laptop computers have been around for many years, but in the early days they were bulky, cumbersome beasts which could not be carried far for long. Back-ache became a real problem when lugging around these monsters, and they were hardly elegant enough for the boardroom.

But, things change, and laptops become smaller, lighter and more powerful meaning they are easier to use when on the road, train or boat.

Take, for example, the Microsoft Surface which is a relatively new bit of technology but which has revolutionised the way many people work.

It is the perfect hybrid of laptop and tablet, with a full-sized keyboard and touch screen and the ability to flip effortlessly between them.

The main advantage for many in business is that the Surface aims to replicate the applications and abilities of desktops and larger laptops that would normally be tethered to the work WiFi, making it a true companion on long journeys.

Another contender in this workspace is the Apple iPad Pro.

Again, this aims to give people the full experience they would normally get when working from the office in a smaller, lighter package that is easy to travel with. For designers and those in the creative industries, this is an ideal solution when they want to take their art to the beach, or work while on a long train journey.

What not to wear

Moving away from the technology that people take with them, we then get to what the traveller is going to wear when out on the road, train or in the air.

With the reduction in laptop size, we no longer have to be carry huge and unsightly backpacks.

We’ve all seen the commuters with their Swiss Army laptop backpacks, scurrying from office to office looking like they’re carrying enough equipment to scale the nearest mountain.

These just aren’t necessary anymore, and more elegant options are available which won’t make it look like you’ve just taken a 400 mile hike to get to the meeting.

The Amsterdam from TJCollection doesn’t even look like a laptop bag, yet has enough space to carry one, and all of your other technology, too.

It also leaves room for clothing, a big problem when away from home for a long time.

Rohan is the place to look for these, and their Envoy Jacket has been designed for the traveller in mind.

It is machine and hand washable, can be dry-cleaned and is crease-resistant. It also packs down to an incredibly small size meaning you can fit it into your backpack easily.

Coupled with their trousers, and you have a full outfit ready to go.

Rohan have spent years in this marketplace, providing clothing that is designed to work hard while you’re on the road.

Shoes are another area of our wardrobe that takes a particular beating when out on the road.

For these, we head back to TJ and suggest the Leather Derby Shoe for women, and for men, take a look at their Brogues for men.

Staying fresh on the road

We also need to stay clean, and although many hotels provide small amounts of toiletries and have others available to buy, taking our favourites with us is always a preferred, and often cheaper, option.

For that, we need a washbag, and one of the best is the Osprey from Cotswold outdoor.

It’s portable, it rolls up to take up very little space and it looks great.

All you need to do is supply small bottles of your favourite washing items.

Work happy when away

It really is now possible for anyone who’s job involved working at the laptop to take their work on the road and yet still have everything they need with them in a small package.

As more and more people take this option and unshackle themselves from the desk, we will no doubt see even more innovation in both the technology that makes it possible, and the fashion accessories that make it desirable.