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Implementing a Transformation in Embedded Display Design

The evolution of what are widely considered as modern graphics processor units (GPUs) began with the introduction of the first 3D add-in cards back in 1995. This was followed by widespread adoption of 32-bit operating systems and affordable personal computers (PCs). The graphics industry that existed before this point was dependent on more prosaic 2D, non-PC architectures with large price tags. 3D and virtualization PC graphics eventually took over computing gaming, as well as military simulators and medical imaging. Today, graphics display reproduction is used in vast array of applications from industrial to education.

Let’s look at how graphics architectures have changed (more…)

Essential Safety tips when using a hydraulic torque wrench

Hydraulic torque wrenches are “double acting” tools that fasten and loosen bolts. They operate through the force of a hydraulic flow that provides pressure to force the wrench in a rotary motion. After a few minutes of use, most people will find out that it is not difficult to operate a hydraulic torque wrench. However, operators should be cautious when using this high power device as it can be dangerous. Below we offer some advice on how to safely use a hydraulic torque wrench.

Give It A “Once Over”

Before Using the hydraulic torque wrench, examine it to ensure that all of its (more…)