Technology Makes Working Away From The Office A Breeze

It’s becoming more common in these days of tech-based businesses for staff and freelancers to spend more of their time away from the office, indeed, many of them make it a point to never be at the office.

Although this level of freedom for the savvy entrepreneur isn’t new, it’s become more attainable with the reduction in cost of technology along with its associated reduction in size.

Laptop computers have been around for many years, but in the early days they were bulky, cumbersome beasts which could not be carried far for long. Back-ache became a real problem when lugging around these monsters, (more…)

19 Surprising Items You Can Throw in the Washing Machine

If you’re only using your washing machine for clothes and linens, you’re working way too hard.

From car mats to Legos, we’ve compiled a list of 19 things you can toss in the washing machine to clean! We think you’ll be happily surprised.

1. Protective sports gear

It’s OK to toss shin guards, shoulder, knee and elbow pads and sport gloves (not baseball gloves) in the washer, according to The Storage Space. Just put them in individual mesh laundry bags and wash in warm water using a small amount of detergent. Then simply hang to dry.

2. Soft lunch boxes and insulated coolers

Open and remove debris from all (more…)

Intel and Amazon Give Voice to Smart Homes of the Future – Connected World

New Intel Voice Enablement Developer Kit Makes It Easier Than Ever to Create Products Integrated with the Amazon Alexa Voice Service

By Miles Kingston

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing are beginning to bring the full potential of smart homes into focus. As these technologies continue to learn and improve, many of the tasks of running the home will eventually be automated to provide peace of mind and enrich daily life. In fact, a recent Intel survey revealed 68 percent of Americans agreed that living in a home with smart devices would make their lives easier.1

Consumers are beginning (more…)

Replacing the washing machine’s concrete block with water?

If you’ve ever had to move a washing machine from one room to another, you’ll have noticed how heavy it is. So imagine what it’s like for our installers having to move them from kitchens to trucks all day long, it’s backbreaking work!

But what makes them so heavy?

Well, if you open them up (which we don’t recommend by the way), you’ll notice that at the very bottom and sometimes on top of the drum, there’s a big lump of concrete.

This is an incredibly low-tech answer to a problem all washing machines have, and that is, without a big weight, during the spin cycle (more…)

Implementing a Transformation in Embedded Display Design

The evolution of what are widely considered as modern graphics processor units (GPUs) began with the introduction of the first 3D add-in cards back in 1995. This was followed by widespread adoption of 32-bit operating systems and affordable personal computers (PCs). The graphics industry that existed before this point was dependent on more prosaic 2D, non-PC architectures with large price tags. 3D and virtualization PC graphics eventually took over computing gaming, as well as military simulators and medical imaging. Today, graphics display reproduction is used in vast array of applications from industrial to education.

Let’s look at how graphics architectures have changed (more…)

Essential Safety tips when using a hydraulic torque wrench

Hydraulic torque wrenches are “double acting” tools that fasten and loosen bolts. They operate through the force of a hydraulic flow that provides pressure to force the wrench in a rotary motion. After a few minutes of use, most people will find out that it is not difficult to operate a hydraulic torque wrench. However, operators should be cautious when using this high power device as it can be dangerous. Below we offer some advice on how to safely use a hydraulic torque wrench.

Give It A “Once Over”

Before Using the hydraulic torque wrench, examine it to ensure that all of its (more…)

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